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Our Business


At RBH, we have been helping high-net-worth individuals and families build and manage their wealth for over three years. Led by an exclusive group of Investment Professionals, RBH offers its clients a broad suite of transactional, wealth management and investment advisory services. These Investment Professionals—among the most experienced and creative in the industry—excel at leveraging the resources of one of the world's most admired financial services firms on behalf of our clients.

Strategy Perspective

Effective investment strategy combines incisive market research, analytical rigor and careful decision making. Decades of award–winning research have given RBH a unique insight into global markets. Our Investment Professionals make these research capabilities available to clients along with their own market knowledge based on years of personal experience and the firm's world-class trading and transactional capabilities.


Each client is different, and each investment strategy is unique. At RBH, we offer customized solutions that are creative and flexible and where necessary, utilize the resources and expertise of other areas of the firm. Whether a client is seeking a professional and disciplined portfolio management approach to help invest a pool of assets, access to a broad range of unaffiliated money management firms identified by us among the finest in the industry, or both, our Investment Professionals seek a set of investment solutions tailored to each client.

Access to Excellence

From research to credit solutions to trade execution, RBH clients have access to innovative industry professionals to help them achieve their financial goals. Where non-conventional client situations arise, we routinely call upon the expertise and creativity of some of the firm's most senior executives to devise and execute customized financial solutions that may be overlooked or untried elsewhere.

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